Three Reasons You Should Get Apple Certified

1. Because you're smart

Let's be honest. You’re smart. The only bummer with being smart is that everyone else can't tell that you’re smart just by your looks (even with those thick rimmed glasses). Getting certified helps to prove what you and I already know; you’re smart.

2. Because we use computers, like, a lot

A long time ago someone famous once said; "computers are the way of the future". They were right. We use computers all the time. The process of studying for Apple Certifications will ensure you know how to use your Apple computer really well. When you know how to use computers really well you can get more done. Getting more done is good.

3. Money and stuff

Apple Certification can help you increase your earning potential at your current job, start a side consulting business, or begin a new career. This increased income can help provide more for your family, provide Beggin' Strips for your hungry dog, or provide you with a daily (guilt-free) purchase of a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks.