My hope is that Certify Solo is a powerful and easy-to-use resource for individuals seeking Apple certifications.

Certify Solo offers two ways to help you study for your test:

  1. Free study guides and lesson files (when needed)
  2. Videos and practice questions for premium members

Here’s the reason I started Certify Solo

Straight out of college I started working at a non-profit organization in Minneapolis, MN. A couple months after getting hired they posted a part-time IT position to help troubleshoot Apple computers (10 hours a week). I applied for and got the job. I had never had any formal Apple or IT training but I knew enough to cover the basic demands of the job.

I wanted to learn more about Apple but the non-profit I was working for couldn’t afford the $1,500 Apple certification classes and I didn’t want to pay the expenses out of pocket. I decided to study for the certifications on my own. I purchased the domain name certifysolo.com to post the progress of my solo pursuit of certifications. As I study I put together written posts, videos, and practice questions on each required area of learning. All of the content for the certification I’m currently studying for is free. Once I pass the test I move the videos and practice questions into the premium membership.

My hope is that my notes, videos, and practice questions make it easier for you to pass a given certification (without having to sacrifice thousands of dollars to do so).